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The Story of RM Group so far...

RM Group, started its journey in the erstwhile state of Bhopal in the year 1900 as Rajrup Murlidhar Jain. The main businesses of the firm at that point of time was involved in the trading of Grains, milling of Oil and Cotton Ginning.

The complete load of the business fell on the shoulders of his Late. Smt. Gomti Devi Jain, after the demise of her father Late. Shri Murlidhar Ji Jain and her husband Late Shri Jugti Lal Ji Jain.  She was a very progressive and head strong lady who managed the business for many years through her trusted muneem (Accountants). Her son Late Shri Babulal Ji Jain '501' who was very young at that time and he finally started taking hold of business at an early age of 16 years.

Late Shri Babulal Ji Jain '501', began diversification and ventured into distribution of Cements, FMCG Products and other items. He also started the relationship as a distribution partner with Western Vansapathi Ltd. (which later became HLL and is now known as HUL).

The next generation got into the business of manufacturing of Detergents, Toilet Soaps etc. and also diversified into Automobile dealerships business.

Currently the group has presence in the field of Manufacturing, Distribution, Automotive Dealerships and Consulting. The geographical reach of the group is now spread beyond Bhopal, with multiple locations in India and international presence in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Philippines.

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